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North Fork Mosquito Abatement District
P.O. Box 1822
Paonia, CO  81428

The North Fork Mosquito Abatement District is authorized by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes to use a number of methods to raise revenues for the capital needs and general operational costs.  These methods, subject to the limitations imposed by Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution, include issuing debt, levying taxes, and imposing fees and charges.  Information concerning Directors, management, meetings, elections, and current taxes are provided annually in the Notice to Electors described in Section 32-1-809(1), Colorado Revised Statutes, which can be found at the District office, on the District’s website, on file at the Division of Local Government in the State Department of Local Affairs, or on file at the office of the Clerk and Recorder of each county in which the Special District is located.

NFMAD Boundaries 2022

NOTE!  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the NFMAD Board of Directors has chosen to meet both virtually by Zoom/telephone, or a combination of in-person at the shed office or a Board member’s home through 2022.  Draft agenda notices will no longer be posted at the libraries, town halls, or Delta Annex, by their request.  

Notifications happen online at on the “MEETINGS” page, as well as the Facebook page.   As of 1/1/2022, the NFMAD Board of Directors has adopted a resolution designating the website, ( the official posting location for the District’s 24-hour agenda notice.  Note of the meeting date with link to the website will also be posted to the NFMAD Facebook page.  These notifications are available free of charge to the public.  

2022 Meetings, Financials, Agendas, may be found at this link:

2022 NFMAD Financials and Meetings

Board Meetings:  The NFMAD Board of Directors generally meet 3-5 times per year, as needed.  Meetings take place usually on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the NFMAD office, located by the shed at 39939 O Rd, Paonia, CO., 81428, or at a Board of Director’s home.  Meeting notification includes the location of the Board meeting.

Meeting notices are posted on the website, ( under “Meetings And Financials” page, where all agendas, minutes, and financials are posted by month for the year.   Meeting notices are also posted to the NFMAD Facebook page (


NFMAD 2022 Transparency Notice/Annual Report

NFMAD 2021 Transparency Notice/Annual Report

NFMAD 2020 Transparency Notice

NFMAD 2019 Transparency Notice

NFMAD 2018 Transparency Notice

The Division of Local Government (DOLA) no longer restricts NFMAD under the statutory property tax revenue limitation of C.R.S. 29-1-301, et seq (the 5.5% limit)  DOLA has reviewed the certified election results and language of the ballot issue for NFMAD’s 11/01/2011 election, hence the District is no longer subject to TABOR or Gallagher amendment restriction of mill levy funds/year.

District Mill Levy:  1.802 mils.

Board of Directors Members:  Calvin Campbell(appointed June 2015) Elected 5/3/22-2025; Glenn Austin (appointed in October 2012, elected 5/3/20-2023); Zachary Hotchkiss (Appointed in March 2013, elected 5/3/20-2023)

Date of Next Regular Election:   May , 2023 Announcement of Election Date and Call for Nominations no later than 1/15/2023

General Special District Election Information may be obtained from the DOLA site, beginning November 2023:

A self-nominating candidate must fill out both forms completely (links below), to be returned by mail to the NFMAD, POBOX 1822, Paonia, CO, 81428 address.

Self-nomination forms must be returned by mail, received by February 28, 2024  with no exceptions, to:

NFMAD    Attn: Elections

POBox 1822

Paonia, CO  81428


DOLA Self Nomination and Acceptance Form

Self Nom Dola 2023 pdf

NFMAD Self nomination form 2023


DOLA Special District Election Forms and Information

District Election Results will be posted on this website as well as the Secretary of State’s website at

Applications to request permanent mail-in voter status may be obtained from the Delta County Clerk and Recorder or online at






NFMAD 2017 Transparency Notice

NFMAD 2015 Transparency Notice


NFMAD 2014 Transparency Notice

Information on Transparency from 2014:

District Mill Levy:  1.802 mils in 2013 (same as in 2012).

Total Ad Valorem Tax Revenue in 2011:  $99,478  (does not include $5,348 collected in 2011 for 2010 taxes paid late)

Board Members: Rain Klepper, President (appointed in October 2012, elected 5/3/14);  Dee Dee Durrance, Vice President (appointed in August 2012, elected 5/3/14); Shelley Clement (appointed June 2014); Glenn Austin (appointed in October 2012, elected 5/3/14); Zachary Hotchkiss (Appointed in March 2013, elected 5/3/14)Applications to request permanent mail-in voter status may be obtained from the Delta County Clerk and Recorder or online at

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