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When and if adulticide spraying or fogging is indicated by a variety of factors in the North Fork District, every effort will be made to apply the product when the least amount of people, and non-target species are in the area to be treated.  Adulticide spraying typically takes place at, or after dusk, or early dawn hours, when adult mosquitoes are flying in the greatest concentrations.


NFMAD only uses equipment that has been industry-calibrated, using the latest laser and computer technology.  This includes the backpack/handheld  Mozzie units, the ATV mounted sprayer, as well as the truck mounted sprayers.

Precise application of adulticide involves many factors to ensure maximum effect with minimal usage of product, and the lowest environmental impact possible. Applications of adulticide product are closely monitored with pre and post-trapping, visual observation, measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature, GPS positioning of location, as well as the amount and type of product utilized.


In addition, spill procedures are far above industry standard, and spill kits are included in every vehicle.


Notification of adulticide spraying will occur when the routing comes within 200 feet of a residence or organic farm/agriculture.  All efforts are being made to map organic/biodynamic agriculture and bee hives, and signs are being printed and laminated for posting on gates, fences, etc., for pesticide-sensitive residents and organic agriculture so that there is a consistent, easily recognizable sign for crew in the event of truck-mounted fogging.


Obviously, this is the last phase of the NFMAD operations plan, and comprehensive truck-mounted fogging will only occur if epidemic West Nile is present, and threshold variables indicate need because all earlier phases have failed to control the adult mosquito population within the District.


Announcements will be posted on this website, (

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The North Fork District will not sponsor or condone aerial spraying of any kind, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to aerial spray from local, state, and federal government entities.

Posted fence lines and properties will not be sprayed with adulticide by NFMAD unless epidemic levels of West Nile viral illness have been reached in the North Fork District, specifically involving the posted property  and all other efforts to mitigate the mosquito issues have utterly failed…a remote and distant possibility, and truly a worst case scenario.


However, it is of utmost importance to care for your own property, drain boggy, swampy, marshy areas, clear drainage channels, and practice responsible irrigation of your organic crops and orchards, to avoid the need for mosquito abatement products at all, let alone adulticide.