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The DCI reported a WNV death in Delta county, and cases #4 and #5 confirmed. It is unknown what part of the county where the exposure occurred, or the resident lived, at this time. Once again, this does underscore the need for county wide mosquito control for the protection of Delta county residents.
PLEASE take personal precautions: Use repellents, wear long sleeved, light weight clothing, avoid dusk and dawn, and remove standing water on your property.
One trap pool in the area of Lorah Lane, Hotchkiss tested positive for West Nile virus last week. Within hours, adulticide targeted fogging was employed after the quarter mile search radius for breeding areas did not turn up a single larva.
One day after spraying, a 7-trap perimeter was set, with all trap pools negative.
A possible positive in the northern District boundary area proved to be a gravid female, hence false.
Please continue to wear personal repellent, clothing, and other protection during August and September, as Culex species mosquitoes will be coming up the river corridor, and along the boundary areas of the District. NFMAD continues to advocate for countywide mosquito control for Delta county, particularly the areas adjacent to the District in Hotchkiss, and in the non-served town of Crawford.
Delta District #1 has had several West Nile positive trap pools, usually meaning it is only a matter of days before infected adult mosquitoes will be coming into the North Fork District
PLEASE use personal protection, appropriate mosquito repellents, and avoid dusk and dawn when Culex species are most active. Police your property for standing water.
Despite lower trap counts or RAMP negative results, it is essential in this agricultural area to protect yourself and your family.
The NFMAD has been in action since March 2022 doing physical mitigation of breeding sites, larval surveys, and monitoring hotspots throughout the District. With the arrival of hot weather, adult mosquito pressure will increase. Please evaluate your own properties for standing water, mosquito presence, etc.
The North Fork District is severely underfunded, and serves 50 square miles. The crew is out daily working hard to eradicate breeding areas, control larvae, and employing fogging to kill adults, but no amount of larviciding, or fogging will kill every adult mosquito in an agricultural area, particularly at the boundaries of the District
More than one third of Delta county has ZERO mosquito control including Crawford, Lazear, many areas of Hotchkiss, Rogers mesa, Powell mesa, middle to upper Hanson mesa, etc. Delta District #1 serves a large area, but not CedarEdge, Surface Creek, or the Grand Mesa.
You must protect yourself and your family!!! Wear appropriate repellent, avoid dusk and dawn activities, wear lightweight long sleeved clothing. Contrary to Covid-19, it is quite possible to control your exposure to WNV by avoiding mosquito bites.
The winds and weather shifts carry adults into the District so it seriously does not matter if NFMAD trap counts are low and testing negative for West Nile virus, YOU MUST STILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.
Please call and report observed standing water, or adult mosquitoes to the 970-527-6681 voicemail if you are a District resident. If you are not within the District, please call the Board of Health and ask for countywide mosquito control.