NFMAD Surveillance Trap Data 2019

Trapping numbers for 2019 season

Mosquito Trapping Overview:  2019

January 2019:  An overview of the NFMAD trapping program is below.  Trapping will commence in late May to early June, depending on weather, in 2019.

2017 Trap Tables Archive

2018 Trap Tables Archive are located in the Annual Report/ Compliance Certification

NFMAD Surveillance Program

NFMAD conducts adult mosquito surveillance with CDC light traps, set throughout our District. There are up to 18 sentinel traps set approximately one night per week in perimeters around the towns of Hotchkiss and Paonia/Bowie, and in the regions between the towns. Other trap sites are added when an increased level of information is needed around event/recreational/park areas, and/or an uptick in adult mosquito numbers is observed in a sentinel trap site. The additional traps aid the pinpointing of the breeding site(s), and help to direct the direction of the search, in quarter-mile increments. NFMAD also has temporary trap sites that are set in response to a resident complaint or request.

The CDC light traps collect adult mosquitoes for at least 12 hours and attract mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide and using artificial light, essentially the same attractants for human beings! This is one of the reasons that events with large groups of people tend to be adult mosquito magnets since the levels of carbon dioxide increase markedly from human exhalation, and added lights in parks or yards become huge mosquito traps.

NFMAD uses the trap data in several ways, including directing the crew in the continuing search for breeding sites, monitoring larval and pupal treatments that have been applied, RAMP testing for the presence of mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus, as well as before and after application of adulticide to monitor effects. Events in the North Fork district are trapped in a tighter perimeter beginning at least 3 weeks in advance, with aggressive treatment using larval, pupal, and barrier products. If indicated, adulticide will be sprayed before an event occurs.

The adult mosquitoes that are captured in our light traps are frozen and identified to species. Species numbers are tallied and monitored for peaks and dips in the mosquito population. A trap that suddenly has a high number of mosquitoes indicates there is a water source nearby that is breeding mosquitoes, and the crew increases the search for the breeding site in a larger circumference. Since each species of mosquito has breeding site preferences, each type of terrain is monitored. Occasionally, adult mosquitoes are blown into the District by wind, particularly along the western boundary of Hotchkiss.

Culex species mosquitoes are tested for West Nile virus using the Rapid Analyte Measurement Reader, commonly known as RAMP. NFMAD purchased the RAMP equipment in the winter of 2013, with funds generously donated by the towns of Hotchkiss and Paonia, a private grant from Planet Heritage Foundation, as well as private donations from residents and an anonymous donor.

The RAMP reader allows the District to test trapped pools of mosquitoes for West Nile within 24 hours of collection, rather than the previous testing using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in Denver, which required 8-15 days to turnaround the information and is highly expensive. The RAMP purchase became even more important as federal funding for PCR testing was decreased to the states by over 90% in March of 2013, and further in 2014, essentially almost totally eliminating the Delta County Public Health department’s budget for testing trap pools for NFMAD and Delta District #1. The Public Health office will confirm RAMP test results with PCR testing if requested over the season, but cannot stretch the budget to weekly trap pools.

Given that culex mosquitoes potentially carrying W. Nile virus can go from egg to flying adult in less than 4 days, the RAMP reader has given NFMAD the ability to direct and redirect treatment in an efficient manner. In the 2014 season, as a direct result of the leasing of an office space for the lab, NFMAD turnaround on a trapped pool of mosquitoes has literally decreased to 4-6 hours!

With less than 10 mosquitoes trapped in an area that has less population, the mosquitoes may not be noticeable from your front porch, but the NFMAD crew is searching for the breeding site within a quarter of a mile of the trap area. Between 10 and 25 trapped, people close to the area or in town will be swatting mosquitoes, and the search widens to half a mile. When there are 25 or more, the crew widens the search area to one mile to locate unknown breeding sites, and aggressively steps up the larval and pupal products being applied. If any mosquitoes test positive on RAMP reader, adulticide will be used if appropriate.

June 2017

Trapping is beginning in the NF District areas this week, depending on weather.  High winds and rain, coupled with low nightly temperatures has delayed the onset of trapping until the second week of June.



Trap #1 Zack's BBQ areaAedesCulexOther Total RAMPNOTES
Rained out
Trap # 2: Fairgrounds PrimaryAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotal RAMPNOTES
Rained out
Trap #3 Lorah Lane areaAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotal RAMPNOTES
Rained out
Trap #4 Shifflet/Willow Hts area
Non-Sentinel, as needed
AedesCulexOtherTotal RAMPNOTES
Trap #5 West Hotchkiss (BK)AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotal RAMPNOTES
Trap # 6 **Non-Sentinel
Old Water Treatment Plant area
AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
**Occasional by Request or for upcoming EventsAedesCulexOtherTotalRAMPNOTES
J Road Area, private properties
J Road Area #2
Trap # 7: Bell Creek Rd. areaAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Rained Out
Trap #8 Pond Z areaAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotal RAMPNOTES
Trap # 9 Skyhill Pond area
Non-sentinel, as needed
AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
June 2017
Trap #10 German Creek, GZ areas
AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Trap # 11 Hadley Rd area
Non-sentinel, as needed
AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotal RAMPNOTES
Trap #12 R-25 Rd.
AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Trap # 13 Campbell Rd. AedesCulexOther Species TotalRAMPNOTES
Rained Out
Trap # 14 Pumpkin Hollow Rd. AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Zero caught!
Trap # 15
Paonia Water Tx, East Pumpkin Hollow areas
Aedes CulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Trap #16 Volunteer Park AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Rained Out
Trap # 17 Lund Rd areaAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
Trap #18, #19, #20: By Request or Need onlyAedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES
**Non-Sentinel by request or event AedesCulexOther SpeciesTotalRAMPNOTES