NFMAD Board of Directors Meetings

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Note:  The first NFMAD Board of Directors meeting will take place in February 2015.  Stay Warm!

January:                   Financials

February:                NFMAD 2021 Draft Budget








Agenda  Minutes  Financials

March:                     Agenda     Draft Minutes   Financials

April:                       Agenda     Minutes    Financials

 May:                          Agenda   Financials   Draft Minutes

June:                  Agenda   Minutes  Financials

July:                     Agenda   Draft Minutes






2014: Previous

January 20, 2014  Agenda    Minutes     Financials




February 17, 2014   Agenda    Minutes  Financials


March 17, 2014  Agenda    Minutes    Financials


April 21, 2014    Agenda  Minutes Financials


May 19, 2014    Agenda   Minutes    Financials


June 9, 2014 ****Note:  This meeting was cancelled due to Board member surgery/family illness, so a quorum was not available.


June   Financials


July 21, 2014  Agenda  Minutes  Financials


August 11, 2014   Agenda  Minutes   Financials


September 29, 2014   Agenda    minutes   Financials


October 9, 2014   Special Work Meeting Agenda  Minutes


October 20, 2014   NFMAD 2015 BUDGET Proposal Financials


November 24, 2014 Agenda Minutes   Financials


December 15, 2014: Financials


Happy Holidays!  The December meeting has been cancelled.  The NFMAD Board of Directors will reconvene in January of 2015.