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          2016 January: Financials February: Financials March:  Agenda  Minutes  Financials April:  Update on District    Financials May:  Agenda   Minutes   Financials June:  Financials July:  Financials August:  Financials September:  Financials October: notice-of-budget-2017 2017-budget     Financials November:  Final Budget 2017 November: Financials December:  Financials News: October 31, 2016 The 2017 Budget proposal was approved by the NFMAD Board of Directors. The budget may be viewed on the Meetings page of (

Due to the outstanding work of the Operations manager, Chris Tschinkel, and the crew, the 2016 season comes to a close with funds in reserve for 2017. Major cost-cutting measures were instituted this season, including decreasing Board meetings to absolute minimums. Physical mitigation of hotspot breeding areas has paid off over the last two seasons, decreasing product purchases and payroll.

NFMAD also received a grant from the Planet Heritage Foundation to continue physical mitigation projects into spring of 2017. Thank you to all staff, crew, Board members, and volunteers for your participation this season!