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Fire Chief helping with a controlled burn

Physical Mitigation for Mosquito Control

NFMAD, in full cooperation with local entities including the Town councils of Paonia and Hotchkiss, Public Works, Fire Departments, Delta County Schools, Parks and Recreation, Delta County Fair Board, and Delta Board of County Commissioners, strongly supports PHYSICAL MITIGATION of mosquito breeding areas, and other issues using backhoe, track hoe, shovel crews, and fire in controlled burns.

NFMAD Board of Directors' MEETINGS

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Product Information for Mosquito Control

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On the Products page, every mosquito control product is listed with full Manufacturer’s Information (MSDS), EPA registration numbers, product label information, and other facts.

Trap Data

TRAP DATA 2018 by location around the District!


Seasonal Trap Data Tables are available here.



Physical mitigation of potential and known mosquito-breeding sites is happening all over the North Fork District currently, utilizing burning, track hoe and backhoe, and shovel crews. The drought of 2018, and subsequent use of domestic water as irrigation ditches went off early, revealed many potential previously unknown breeding sites throughout the District. Our crew has been making visual assessments over the 50 square miles of the District, while also working on drainage and site evaluations.

Treatment has begun in known hot spots, in anticipation of warmer weather, despite no evidence of larvae in standing water. It is far too early for trap data to have meaning, until we have higher nighttime temperatures, so feedback from residents is essential to success.

Now is the perfect time to take a look at your home and work areas for standing water, drainage that needs cleaning, low spots in fields, etc. Are you noticing adult mosquitoes? Please let us know. If you need help with looking at your property, please call NFMAD at 970-527-6681 and leave a detailed message. We are currently booking free site evaluations, with openings at various times, Monday through Friday.

Are you having an event this summer? A wedding, family reunion or other gathering of people? Please call and have our Ops Manager, Garrett Park, come and take a look to see if barrier spraying would be helpful.
Given the vast territory of the North Fork District, and our limited funding, NFMAD needs the cooperation and vigilance of all residents! We thank you in advance for all efforts to eradicate mosquito-borne illness in our community.